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Our locations

We have two private practices

in Überlingen on Lake Constance and in Immendingen


Überlingen on Lake Constance

Our practice is located in the newly renovated 'Therme' train station in Überlingen, directly by the lake. In this historical setting you will find a comfortable practice equipped with the latest technology.

Dermatologist practice

Dr. med.univ. Katharina K. Wroblewska
Bahnhofstr. 36,

88662 Überlingen

Dates by appointment

07551 8019590


In 2012 Dr. Katharina K. Wroblewska opened her private practice for skin and venereal diseases in Immendingen in the old post office.

Dermatologist practice
Dr. med.univ. Dr. Katharina Wroblewska

Schwarzwaldstrasse 45

78194 Immendingen

Dates nach agreement

07462  9487570

Immendingen Hautarztpraxis.jpg
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Screenshot 2023-03-30 at 16.02.18.png
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